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 Khayrat WIP, 225 | Incubi Mix| Andrew Dennis Biersack
Khayrat McCoy
 Posted: May 30 2016, 03:23 PM

In these times of doing what you're told, Keep these feelings, no one knows, What ever happened to the young man's heart? Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart.
Khayrat Z. McCoy
Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Dennis Biersack
Incubus/Vampire Demon/Necromancer hybrid
Androsexual Male
Who are you?

Full Name

Khayrat Zilya McCoy


Virgil, Virge, Zil, Zillie, Dhaval, Virgie…

Date of Birth

December 5th.


Androsexual, but will lean toward selective women or family.


6’ 3”


Not telling.

Hair Color

Brunette naturally, but he keeps it dyed black. He does like to shift colours on it now and again if he finds a nice shade of snowy-blue...

Eye Color

Dhaval family baby blues.

What makes you unique?

Positive Traits

✔ Romantic at heart

✔ A bleeding heart

✔ Gentle and loving with children

✔ Passionate

✔ Driven

✔ Intelligent

✔ Tactical

Negative Traits

✘ Obsessive Compulsive (Worsens when stressed out)

✘ Quick to anger

✘ Tendency to hold deep-rooted grudges

✘ Prone to recklessness

✘ Limited control on his sexual desire

✘ Insomniac and alcoholic (plus a narcotic user)

✘ Sexist at times (unintentionally, normally)


❤ Puzzles

❤ Cars (Mustangs to be precise)

❤ His vices

❤ Fashion

❤ Romcoms

❤ Family

❤ Cats


✦ Disloyalty

✦ Whips/Non-Con

✦ Emotional Harm

✦ Physical violence (though he’ll punch right back)

✦ Keeping up with politics

✦ Not a dog person

✦ Unfinished personal business

Does your heart still beat out of time?



At least a paragraph describing what your character usually wears. Alternate outfits can go here as well

Abnormalities Any abnormalities your character has. Tattoos, scars, piercings, odd features, etc...

Or Do you march to the beat of their sullen drums?


2 or more paragraphs about the character's history. Be as detailed and specific as you can.

* * *

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skin by jae/nicole (i, ii, iii, iv). mini profile by jae/nicole.