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 The Council, Canons!
 Posted: Jun 1 2016, 09:27 PM

Abigail Williams
Council Leader | ~500 years old | Witch
Abigail is the person who takes the decisions of the Council and relays them to the people. She is the public face of the Council, highly charismatic, and very diplomatic. She is the deciding vote and has veto power for any legislation, but her veto can be overpowered by a majority vote. Abby was one of the frontrunners in the assassination of the former president and helped shape the Council from the ground up.
PB: Alexandra Breckenridge | taken by Kida
John _________
Demon Representative | Open Age | Demon
They are the representative for all demons.
PB: >.> | taken by eeVee
Sytry _________
Fae Representative | Open Age | Fae
They are the representative of the fae.
PB: Open | taken by eeVee
_________ _________
Human Representative | Open Age | Human
They are the representative for humans.
PB: Open | Open
Elena Fairchild
Shapeshifter Representative | Unknown | Kitsune
She is the representative for all manner of shapeshifters.
PB: Scarlett Johansson | taken by Kida
_________ _________
Shifter Representative | Open Age | Shifter
They are the representative for the shifters.
PB: Open | Open
Harlan Desilva
Vampire Representative | ~256 Years Old | Vampire
He is the representative for the vampires.
PB: Wil Francis | taken by Saylor
Kosi Haggard
Werewolf Representative | Unknown | Werewolf
He is the representative for the werewolves.
PB: Leonardo DiCaprio | taken by Rhy
Savely Volkova
Witch/Warlock Representative | Open Age | Witch/Kitsune
She is the representative of the witches and warlocks.
PB: Eva Green | taken by Koko
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