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 It's Been a Hard Day's Night, tag: open
Harper Greyson
 Posted: Jun 21 2016, 06:28 AM

Tag: open

June 17

"Shit... Come on, now, stop struggling..." Grunting in frustration, Harper gritted her teeth as she tightened her grip on the wrench, brows furrowed in concentration as she worked on the engine before her. It had been a long day in the garage and her fingers were covered in oil and grease. She didn't mind so much - the work was hard but pretty rewarding - but it was a bit annoying that she was staying overtime to work on the boss's car when she wanted to get some rehearsal done tonight. She and the band had a gig coming up soon and while she loved her day job at the garage, music had her soul. Harpy looked forward to the day when working on cars and bikes became her hobby while music became her career. She wasn't quite at that point yet, but Harpy was pretty confident it would happen sooner or later.

Wiping the back of her hand over her forehead and leaving a black streak behind, Harper turned her head to squint at the clock. She really should be getting out of here soon, but she was getting quite a bit of pressure to get this done as soon as possible. It was a pretty big sum of money for the rush job but it wasn't coming at the most opportune time. Sighing, she got back under the hood, tinkering around a bit longer before exhaling in victory. "That's more like it! Let's check you out..." she grinned, tugging the hood down and moving to open the door and slide the key into the ignition, turning the engine over. The sound it made wasn't great, but it was definitely better than it had been before.

Quite proud with herself, Harper straightened back up and dusted her hands together. She was about ready to call it a night when she heard someone behind her. The hell? Frowning, she barely gave the person a glance, carding her fingers through her short hair in exasperation. "The garage is pretty much closed, pal. I'm just about to lock up. Do you need help with anything before I do?"

NOTES: one is the loneliest numbah

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