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Jul 8 2016, 11:00 PM
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<B>TAG:</B> @Chessa Lynn
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He couldn't have been happier if he had been kissed on stage tonight, again. He really couldn't. Laughing as he was tugged against the shirtless, sweaty raven bassist, the bright-eyed, steel-orbed witch couldn't help but hug the man against his side briefly before pulling away, getting rounded down the hallway toward the meet and greet setup their manager had gotten settled in the back. <p>
Marley had gone ahead, as per usual, and Sabbie had only hung back to make sure that Riv was coming along. Of course, unlike Sabriel, River chose to keep his shirt on, and with a roll of his eyes as the man pouted at the clean, changed shirt on the taller raven, Riv only smiled before padding down with full intent to enjoy this. The fans were what kept him going up on that stage every night while on the lonely road, and honestly... he wasn't willing to just let them down. He'd played with broken ribs once, and a broken nose from an accidental water bottle tossed too hard. <p>
Fun times.<p>
Rounding the corner as he made his way into the back room, a rather wide area that kind of surprised him, Sabriel had stepped out ahead to meet with the crowd, while River stepped around the table to talk with some of the others who weren't crowding the table/booth setup and photo ops. Sabbie was the attractive one, the flirty ad always unaffected extrovert on stage, and with the fans, he remained the same. <p>
While Rivvie could flirt or play around, he was much more reserved. Making sure his hearing aid was set in properly, he stepped to approach the loners, offering a smile and wave as security kept their eyes on the small group. Maybe twenty-five people at most, but even this was kind of... not his scene. <p>
"Pleasure, dahlin's. How are y'all? Like the show?" Small talk he was shit at, but hey, he could attempt. "I, uh... hi." A tilt of his head, lopsided smile offered up and a tiny chuckle escaping past his lips, Riv felt a lot more connected to the people here than he did up on stage. He could see them better, could hear them, could see the love and adoration in their eyes. This made it all worth it. <p>A hug from a few of them, River chuckled before a good few of them went to snag photos with the others. A few didn't go yet, and Riv was more than happy to start a small conversation and sign CDs. After all, while Sabbie was the flair... well, Riv was the sound.

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