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 Face Claim
 Posted: May 31 2016, 06:23 AM

Face Claims Here at [ Seize the Day ] we have a policy of first come, first serve for face claims. You may reserve a face claim for [ however long ] you would like, but just make sure to add the name to the list! Face claims requested are not reserved, but we do suggest looking at the requests. You might just like what you see.

Witch/Warlock - ug1

Demon - ug2

Vampire - ug3

Werewolf - ug4

Human - ug5

Shifter - ug6

Fae - ug7

Shapeshifter - ug8

Familiar - ug9

a-m Alexandra Breckinridge Andrew Dennis Biersack Ashley Purdy Braden Barrie Cara Delevingne Chloe Grace Moretz Cristopher August Demi Lovato Dylan O'Brien Giza Lagarce Gerard Way Godfrey Gao Jake Pitts Jared Padalecki Jeremy Ferguson John Boyega Johnny Depp Kristen Bell Leonardo DiCaprio Lily Lovelace Lucky Blue Smith n-z Nyle DiMarco Orianthi Panagaris Oscar Isaac Ruby Rose Langenheim Scarlett Johansson Sebastian Stan Tatiana Maslany Teagan Quinn Wil Francis Zac Efron
<ug#><a href='linktoapp'>first last</a></ug#>
reserve [ first last ] alias [ dd . mm ] [ first last ] alias [ dd . mm ] [ first last ] alias [ dd . mm ] request first last for alias first last for alias first last for alias
<reserve>[ <B>first last</b> ] <i>alias</i> [ <b>dd . mm</b> ]</reserve>
<a href='linktorequest'><request><B>first last</b> for <i>alias</i></request></a>
alygator of cttw
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