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Jun 2 2016, 01:17 AM
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Music was his lifeblood and nothing would convince his soul otherwise. While people were not his thing, Melody loved the power music held over others, the way that all it took was a sweet groove from a guitar to make the heart swoon, and how the right lyrics or visual could break someone into a mess of upset or happy memories. For all it was worth, music was everything. <p>
Stirring a cocktail quietly with his little plastic stick shaped like a pineapple at the end, his gaze lingered across the table at his sibling as the finished off their respective dinners, chuckling as he watched her with a fondness that probably was a bit too fond for a half sibling to have over their baby sister, but at least they'd never once considered each other off limits. After all, their family was... well, they were related to a Haggard, his teaching sort of rubbed off.<p>
And it sure wasn't some 'pure' thing that made Mel's attraction to Lara strong. He simply was, he never liked to question what the world gave him. But that didn't mean he wasn't hurt that her eyes were set on her cocky thief, a weird kind of guardian idiot, per se. "Gotta admit, good choice," he complimented with a smile, chuckling under his breath as he watched her from under the rim of his glasses and ran a hand through his shaggy dark hair, "I haven't been 'round here in a while. Good year plus now."<p>
Mel's words trailed off as his eyes slid off her and onto the stage where the entertainment would be after bit, his free hand grazing at the tablecloth under the very tips of his fingers quietly, tapping out the beat to the song playing in the background, something he couldn't place, but he could get the beat down enough to play the min--finger-drums against the table.<p>
"How's the classes going? You're buried in your books more than I was when I went ta school here." Smiling teasingly, Mel peered back over with a cant of his head, flashing the tiniest of smirks as it curled his lip. "Should I be jealous?"

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May 30 2016, 04:32 PM

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Yeah, you're standing there with the homecoming king; Turn the silver spoon into a diamond ring. Can he make you disappear without anyone noticing?


<div class="name">Melody B. Jourdain</div>
<div class="headinfo">27</div>
<div class="headinfo">Surrogate/Underground Musical Artist/Programmer</div>
<div class="headinfo">Braden Barrie</div>
<div class="headinfo">Necromancer/Werewolf/Incubus mix</div>
<div class="headinfo">Lithsexual Genderfluid - he/her/they</div>


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<div class="sub">Smile For The Camera!</div>
Melody is the child of River and Kazimir (Alex) Jourdain. A lithsexual, Mel is gender-fluid and will go by Melody when feeling male, Mel when in-between, or Melonie when feeling feminine. Basically, just ask their pronouns before guessing. It serves a better purpose. They dress as they feel, but tend to keep to flannel and jeans, and they'll sport hoodies and sweats, if not a skirt in some instances. In-between, Mel will sometimes just go with their nerdy outfits... which they tend to obsess over. Quiet, often seen as the oddball of the Jourdains who're more outgoing of sorts, Mel is more often spotted at coffee joints and sleeping at their computer at home.

<div class="sub">Oh wait, they're an introvert...</div>
N'Orlans is home to many types, and Melody is rather... of that same group. While they weren't happy about the takeover, well... Mel didn't have a place to say much, seeing as they kept their head down long before that and kind of grew to like being honest about who and what they are. Melody is a computer programmer (and dabbles in 'legal security' when they need extra cash), a surrogate for families who can't have their own young, and parent (Zaza) to young AndromedaAndy Jourdain. She's barely five, but quite easily the sweetest child Mel's ever met. <p>

While her father isn't really in the picture (as far as Melody is aware), Mel has asked Dodger to not call himself Andy's dad in her presence, and he's somewhat agreed. Neither wants to bring back the hurt and explosive anger that followed the bairn's birth, and while Salvatore loves children, he doesn't love Melody the same way the younger feels. Plus, Melody knows how much their younger sister Lara cares for the warlock, and fears getting between that. Mel would do anything to see Lara happy, even if it killed them. Keeping Lara in the dark about Andy's father was helpful in some ways, but it also means that she doesn't realize that taking her niece for playing at a park with Dodger is letting the father and child bond, after Melody's firm refusal to accept help.

<div class="sub">Time to be a recluse!</div>
Romantically, Melody's attached themselves pretty firmly to Lara. While they've had a falling out with their once-babysitter Dodger (which was what resulted in Andy, from mentioned babysitting sessions), Mel can't lie to themselves that they still love the warlock deeply. Keeping themselves at a distance is their main goal, daughter included, it's harder when Dodger's also Lara's 'set-in-stone' protector, as laid out by her dad's orders to keep her safe. Annoyingly so, because while Mel's the elder sibling, they also currently house said younger sibling, and this means Dodge isn't far away. <p>
This means a rather constant sexual frustration, and Mel isn't very willing to take it out on his baby sibling, as much as she would probably enjoy it. He's more prone to one night stands than one thinks, but romance will win this kid's heart so much faster... Sex is normally reserved for those that Mel trusts, but now and again, even they can break and get themselves hammered far enough to sleep with anyone who's interested.

<div class="sub">Uh... Coffee?</div>
The coffee shops are Melody's second home, for two reasons. One, the coffee at their favourite place is incredible (they don't miss a single morning coffee run when taking Andy to school), and two... Melody often finds themselves performing there, in the basement area, or even just out front of warmer days. But for the most part, Mel's found here at certain times of the day and night, and sometimes you'll even spy their daughter clinging to their leg during a performance, or signing away to people in the crowd. While Mel isn't exactly big by any means, they've put out a few LPs, and they've gotten a decent name for themselves in town. <p>

Aside from music (which Mel's style is more or less along the lines of folksy-soft rock), Mel's other jobs are both time consuming, aside from being a full-time Zaza. Programming is their normal pass time anyway, but with that also comes a few other things, and after having a bairn that Mel never expected (Little Andy), the option of surrogacy became much more realistic after having to see their parents struggle to have a baby after Lara. And if Melody is described by nothing else, it is a bleeding heart. <p>

<div class="sub">Life is a harmonious melody...</div>

Finding couples who want a bairn isn't hard, but Mel's selective, and it's harder for them to just want to go after it without a drive. Mel loves Andy, but there is a psychological issue between them, and Melody has severe issues bonding with her, though Mel's never understood why. Same goes for any of the bairns Mel's had and given up, although Mel did feel severe loss when giving up a set of twins when they were a few years younger to the parents that had been trying for many years to no success. It hurts Mel deeply to know there's a gap that they can't fix because of wiring in their skull, but at least Andy is in good hands, be it Lara or Dodger.

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<div class="foottext">RHY • PST • AIM/SKYPE • HE/HIM/HIS PRONOUNS</div>

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