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Jun 15 2016, 05:30 PM

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it's up to me to make you fucking bleed.


<div class="name">HARLAN DESILVA</div>
<div class="headinfo">256</div>
<div class="headinfo">WIL FRANCIS/WILLIAM CONTROL</div>
<div class="headinfo">WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'THE VICTORIANS WERE PRUDES'?</div>


<div class="main"><div class="text">

<div class="sub">are you ready, harley?</div>
fuck. when am i ever ready for anything?<p>
that's a lie. i'm always prepared. i'm only irresponsible when it's <i>fun</i> to be. let's get this over with. it's just random questions, after all.
<div class="sub">what position do you sleep in</div>
... this is a very odd interview.<p>
mostly on my left side, i think. i'm a restless sleeper. i never wake up in the same position twice. i suppose that might be unusual for a vampire.
<div class="sub">what do you think is your most distinguishing feature?</div>
i'd say my tattoos, but they aren't exactly a <i>feature</i>; more an add-on. i suppose i'd say how pale i am. it fits with the whole undead thing.
<div class="sub">how can someone tell if you're stressed?</div>
i smoke. more than i normally do. it's not about the nicotine any more, really. i think it's called an oral fixation. if i don't smoke, i chew my nails- i figure cigarettes are the lesser of two evils at this point.
<p><div class="sub">is there any song that you feel describes you?</div>
i'm going to say 'dig up her bones' by misfits. although it's about a woman, and i'm a man. but there's a poetry to 'anything is what she is, anywhere is where she's from'. it's the image i want to cultivate. being malleable, depending on who's perceiving me. i have to, after all. how else would i represent <i>all</i> vampires?
<div class="sub">when you think about yourself, how do you feel?</div>
to quote 'the silence of the lambs'- <i>i'd fuck me. i'd fuck me hard.</i><p>
i'm not going to go buffalo bill on anyone. no worries about that. but i am very concerned with being the sort of person i'd sleep with- if i have standards, it's only fair if i hold myself to them too.
<p><div class="sub">do you need time to think things over, or do you make snap decisions?</div>
the council is very much a slow decision process. my personal life... the opposite. i'm instinctive. i know what's good for me. it's when other people factor in, then i have to actually take my time.
<p><div class="sub">do you have any recurring dreams?</div>
i have this <i>one</i> dream about being stuck in my old school. it's the old traditional thing- i'm late for my lesson but i can't find it. makes me wake up gasping.
<p><div class="sub">do you believe in god?</div>
i <i>am</i> god.
<p><div class="sub">fight or flight?</div>
depends who i'm up against, doesn't it?
<p><div class="sub">if you had three wishes, what would they be?</div>
i'd like to be able to go out in daylight. be kinder without having to make an effort. i'd also wish that my input into the council is always the... best decision. there can be hard choices to make there.
<p><div class="sub">do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?</div>
extrovert. i do need time alone, of course, but who doesn't? i like being the centre of attention.
<p><div class="sub">what do you do with your free time?</div>
i go out. i collect victorian erotica. i like decorating my home and rearranging it.
<p><div class="sub">are you happy?</div>
mostly. it'd be terrible to be happy <i>all</i> the time.
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<div class="foottext">saylor • gmt • pm me • captain potato reportin' for duty</div>

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