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Let me tell you what I wish I’d known when I was young and dreamed of glory:<p>
You have no control: Who lives, who dies, who tells your story.


<div class="name">Virgilio "Jackal" Dhaval</div>
<div class="headinfo">450+</div>
<div class="headinfo">Political Riser/Teacher</div>
<div class="headinfo">Johnny Depp</div>
<div class="headinfo">Incubus + Vampire Demon/Shapeshifter Mix</div>
<div class="headinfo">He/Him/His Pronouns - Queer</div>


<div class="main"><div class="text">

<div class="sub">Fast rundown!</div>
Son of an incubi/vampire demon mix playboy and a shifter mother, Jackal was the first of a few Dhaval brothers, elder to his well-known, smart-mouthed younger siblings. While he's not far from them in attitude at times, he's... well. He's older. He's more willing to stop and think before blowing up on anyone, he's the kind of man you want on your side, because as easily as he can hold his tongue, he can lash it in a second. When the supernaturals were forced to come clean and out, he was one of the first beside Abby, willing to use himself as a scapegoat for any means that would be needed. Thankfully, it wasn't.
Soft spoken, sort of easygoing, he's been teaching people for many years in varied subjects, but he loves politics, modern day medicine (because you appreciate it more when you lived through a lot of bullshit 'advanced' techniques), and biology. Resourceful, he's a decent chemist, too. Fitting in has never been his style -- but then again, pyromancy (also called pyrokinesis) is kind of a gift he never thought he'd own, nonetheless control. Safe to say, he doesn't teach many chemistry classes out of fear he'll scare someone to death without needing a blowtorch. Sometimes he can forget his control and his food or books will start to burn at the edges when distracted, but it's not too common anymore. Well, so he says.

<div class="sub">What emotion best describes you?</div><p>
"Emotions are finicky things, I don't like getting too deep into them because they hold you back at times from your real goals. But I guess since that doesn't apply as well... logic? Logic and understanding, and I really enjoy resolving things. There's a reason I'm the one that does most of the discipline in my college ranks. Not to say I haven't pulled someone into my detentions for other reasons, but... That's illegal and I plead the fifth."
<div class="sub">What emotion do you evoke in others?</div><p>
"I think probably wonder and frustration. I can tell someone how to fish, I won't teach them everything, and they don't like that. They want to be at your skill level of everything, instantly, and they can't. And they need to learn that the hard way. Struggling is the only way you'll learn your real measure. Look at how much the world can learn from people who just stop and think for two minutes before acting. My brother's one of those cases. Damn kid."
<div class="sub">What do you need most?</div><p>
"People. I need people in effort to have myself a place of worth. I'm an introvert, but I'm social by choice. I forced myself out there, and I kind of got stuck into it once I met Abby. Dear gods below, that's been a loooooong time now, hadn't it? I need people, I need a good book, and I need scotch. Those three things and I'll never bug you for anything ever again."
<div class="sub">What is your goal in life?</div><p>
"To live. Not to survive, but live. Enjoy myself. Have fun, know that things are always going to be hard, but that's why I'm here. If I can change the world views of just a few people, I think that alone is worth my time on the earth."
<div class="sub">How do you believe this goal can be accomplished?</div><p>
"Teaching. Studying. Learning. Ceaseless learning. I don't care how far you want to go, how much you want to ascend into ranks, what you never can stop doing is learning, because that's when you start to close up and ignore things that you can't. We need people to love, to care for, and we need cats. Fucking hell, we need cats in our lives."
<div class="sub">Where did you come from?</div><p>
"Well... when a horny incubi guy and a desperate shifter lady wanna get it on and they're both drunk, it happens a little easier. Safe to say, I was an accident. But nevertheless, I'm happy to be. Who wants a life of planning everything? I mean, I do feel like I was unwanted, but I proved my intelligence to myself, and that's all I ever had to do to know I was worthy of who I am. Nobody else can define me, after all. If people don't like me? Eh. Okay. I'm not your cup of tea, but don't spit on me."
<div class="sub">When did you grow up?</div><p>
"... Jesus. I grew up on my grandfather's plantation. Like, so long ago. My dad came by every year for my birthday, my mom was kinda... angry. She hated him and wanted nothing to do with him, but in those times, women weren't seen as people with equal rights. I watched a lot of things as I grew up. Saw so much change. And I was more or less at the forefront of equality for everyone. Still fighting for it. Why it's such a controversial issue, I'll never know. People are fucking insane and slow on the uptake."
<div class="sub">What is your family like?</div><p>
"My mother was an angry woman, rash, kind of always at someone's throat. I was the peacekeeper in the family. Dad was... he was just there now and again, because they were married by force, and it was his 'civil duty' as my mother called it, but otherwise... yeah. I left that life when I turned sixteen, claimed I would be joining the war. I didn't, I ran, I pushed myself into books, into texts, into anything so I could prove my worth to others. But I didn't have to. I knew who I was at a hundred-and-twenty-nine. I'm Jack, I'm a fighter, and I hate the injustices of the world. And I'm not a good cook."
<div class="sub">What values do you hold?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">How do you dress?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">What are your means?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">What are your personal tastes?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">What are your opinions?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">What is your comfort zone?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">Who has had the biggest impact on your life?</div><p><p>
<div class="sub">What are some of your unexpected quirks?</div><p><p>

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<div class="foottext">Rhy • PST • AIM • He/Him/His </div>

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