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 Kosi Haggard WIP, Unknown | Werewolf | Leonardo DiCaprio
Kosi Haggard
 Posted: Jun 1 2016, 10:37 PM

I'm not afraid of tomorrow, I'm only scared of myself.

It feels like my insides are on fire, and I'm looking through the eyes of someone else.

Kitru K. Haggard
looks mid thirties, age unknown
Himalayan Werewolf
The Werewolf councilman/ex war doctor
Leonardo DiCaprio
Male | He/Him/His pronouns
Can you hear it?

A werewolf with a charming smile, an old male with a love for the strange and anything dark and has a twisted sense of humour, Koh-sigh (not Koh-Si) here is your new best friend if you're looking for a good, interesting (sometimes considered racist or superiority-complex-based) conversation. Blinded in his right eye, limp in his left leg from an old bullet wound from the Civil War era of America's past, this man's a patriot who eventually, after battling in many wars and watching so many people die, dropped his heart for a single country.

A wanderer, a man with no set direction, Kosi's a gentle soul, but don't think this man of the medical profession is easy swayed either in thought or step. Coming off as a bit lazy, more so or not called out as a womanizer (which, make no mistake, is not a lie), and always curious about new people, he's an old-school artist who enjoys good music, taking some shots, and more often than not, winning over a few women. He's been known to have upwards of five girlfriends at once, after all, and he's perfected his little game of 'Big Bad Wolf.'

Can you smell it?

This wolf's got a limp in his left leg, his right eye's damaged to almost the point of no use, but through it he can overlap his vision with his good eye and see the energies of people if he tries hard enough. An old wolf, but definitely not out and down for the count, he's a swordsman with an insane level of skill. If you want to spar with him, he'll be more than happy to, providing that he only uses the sheath of his blade. Almost never using the actual steel of his weapon (and when he does, you'll notice that the blade's actually reversed, and it would actually be hard to kill someone with it), Kosi will calmly and easily disarm his opponent. One bad eye or not, he's got many, many years under his belt, and he prefers not using guns (that's Abby's area, and she's shot him in his bad knee enough times to give anyone a phobia of bullets).

Romance? Eh. Don't get your hopes up too far, ladies. While sexually, he prefers men - younger ones - he does have a weakness for wanting to swoon a lovely lady into his hold again for a while, until he grows bored with them.

Can you taste it?

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