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 Sora T. Moeru, 279 | Kitsune | Godfrey Gao
Sora Moeru
 Posted: Jun 1 2016, 09:43 PM

Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make me blue;

'Cause you know darling I love only you...

Sora T. Moeru
279 (looks late thirties)
Ex-Bounty Hunter/Landscape and wildlife Photographer
Godfrey Gao
Electrokinetic Kitsune
It's been a hard day's night,

The once-tiny kitsune was born in a far-away field in the Kanto area of Japan with the gift of electricity. While a family of traditional fire kitsune normally didn't expect such a blessing, Sora learned to control his abilities with time and patience... and a lot of accidental static shocks to his elder sibling. Taz was his big brother, a hard-headed but passionate kit, and Sora was a very shy little thing, often just stumbling after his brother and wanting to keep close. Males born so rarely, their parents were quite the happy pair to know that they'd had their boys. But it wasn't all happy and sweet for too long, as things tend to go with kitsune families, and hunters came into their lives. For years, they learned to avoid them, but when the hunters finally snagged their parents, Taz and Sora ran. They didn't go on for long before they were ensnared, too, and the boys were sold to a man in power who wanted only the most regal of pets. Kits so young, they didn't seem dangerous at all, not at first.

and I'd been working like a dog...

It wasn't until Taz broke out half a year later and ran that other forces were used on the two, going from collared little foxy pets to caged creatures with no freedoms. Taz convinced Sora to run with him the next time, and being fearful for what would happen if he was left alone in the manor with the royal and the man's family, Sora agreed. They ran once more, and while the collars made it painful to leave their forced head-stead, Sora easily broke his off with a burst of his own electrokinesis. It was while they ran that something went wrong - not a gunman, not the owner, but it was a painful accident that ended his elder brother's life, and Sora won't speak about the incident if he can help it. Just a budding kit, he ran as far as he could, and this time, he kept his freedom close to his heart.

It's been a hard day's night,

It was a few months later, after studying the nearby humans for some time, that he learned how to control his glamour in a way that would help he seem less imposing. This caught the eye of an older man, and the werewolf eventually tracked Sora down, promising protection, a home, and above all else, a companion to have close again. Loneliness was a harsh thing for a fox used to close-knit families, and after some thinking, Sora took the offer - he had become a selective mute after the loss of his brother - and that was how he got caught up in the old hunter's guild that not only changed his name, but trained him and taught him how to successfully track, hunt, stalk, kill, and effectively control his own abilities. Or, most of them. Re-dubbed Skye Blaze, a semi-pun on his own name being roughly translated, Sora left it behind him, Japan with it.

I should be sleeping like a log.

While he came into his electrokinesis at a young age, Skye didn't quite know about his other little quirk at the time. All it took was a brush of his hand over the railing one night as he came home to his room at the guild, and in seconds, he was frozen as he was forced to watch a woman be dragged down these same flights of stairs, screaming and begging for her baby, her noises so intense, it was as if he was standing no further than a foot away. As he pulled his hand back from the railing, he was shaken, scared, and painfully aware of the tears streaming down his face - he'd never heard of things like that, and he began to avoid coming up the stairs for any reason after that. Visions when touching an object, clairvoyance, was something he still has a hard time controlling, and often, it winds him to the point of bolting once he knows what has happened. Sometimes the memories are only hours old, but others were often much older, flickers of traumatic memories left on unsuspecting objects, are a reason why he wears gloves when he can.

But when I get home to you,

Roughly getting his name translated by his friends and higher ups, the fox was content to take up residency wherever he was sent, however he still held his memories of his homeland close to his heart. While when he was a kit, he was taken away and brought to an English master, he still struggles here and there with English words when it's something complicated. The years have helped him, but he still slips up and slides into his native tongue of Japanese when he's stressed or angry. A valiant fighter of his own right, Skye found a separate calling by accident when he took his first vacation away from the guild. Art through photography was something different, something he could express himself without language, and he found he was rather good at it after doing some extensive reading and class after class. While being a bounty hunter, he had his down time, too - and he began to seek out different places to explore while on breaks.

I find the things that you do

Skye's first partner in the guild was the very same wolf who'd convinced him to come into the fray, but the fox and wolf weren't always on the best of terms. It was while attempting to catch a wolfess by the name of Cinder Sinner that Skye lost his partner, when the two didn't research enough into her past to know her exact skills. The wolfess had no mercy for hunters, and she only let Skye live on a whim - and the fact she had to get back to one of her adopted pups. The guild gave him time off to gather himself again, and when Skye returned, he met a young up-and-coming hitwoman by the name of Abigaelle Williams, a witch with an attitude and shockingly, tiny as could be. Originally unsure about them being paired up, it didn't take him long to warm up to the fiery little redhead with a mouth of a sailor.

Will make me feel alright

While in the beginning, he was meant just to be her instructor for her lessons on tracking and the like, the pair ended up becoming a dangerous duo - Skye was a master of stealth and patience, and Abby was perfect with execution. All she needed was a flick of a wrist, and she'd have someone either dead or wounded, depending on the hit. It took them many years to become friends outside of their jobs, but they both showed small kindness gestures to the other, and both became fiercely protective of their partner. When asked if he wanted to tutor another, Skye simply, but politely refused, and kept Abby as his partner for many, many years.

When I'm home everything seems to be right

It was during these years he ended up coming across a baby left alone in the forest near his getaway zone, abandoned by a parent no doubt as he'd seen happen even in his times. Originally going to take the little one to somewhere more suitable than a hunter's guild, Skye ended up accidentally bonding with the little boy, and Skye adopted the aptly-named Ringo Blaze. What better name to give a little one than that of a Beatles member? When he took in Ringo, Skye began to live away from the guild's property, eventually getting himself a rather elegant home that he relished in the semi-quiet of. It took many years, if he were honest, but he eventually stopped chasing after Abby when he finally spilled to her what she needed to hear from him -- the kitsune had fallen for the witch, and he wanted her to know what she meant to him.

When I'm home feeling you holding me tight,

Abby was the first person since he was thirteen to finally hear his voice outside of telepathy, and while he still prefers to stay silent and just talk through mental links or sign language (Abby taught him that many years back), there are times when he will murmur something in her ear, knowing fully well that she either needed to hear it, or he just wanted to see her smile. Their past is long, and while they aren't exactly the people one would expect to see as a pair, the kitsune and the witch don't pay much mind to others. It is their way to find peace in a world of violence and hatred, and in some way, they achieved that through the other. He met many people over the years, connecting and teaching many lost or broken souls, and while he seems young, Skye is anything but. Seven tails is quite the number for a kitsune, and while not at nine yet, he's very talented in what he does, and he's proud of his power.

When I'm home everything seems to be right.

And now we have present day. When shit hit the fan (literally), Skye went underground and kept his head low to prevent any attempts on his life to be made. More so, it was to protect their youngest kits (Ringo having aged and left many years before this). Only now is he starting to come out of his hiding spots, and with their two young ones safely in his protection, Skye is one man you don't want to anger, and his wife is one woman you don't want to set off. Tiana and John are both always watched, and neither are without a parent or family member for pure safety alone. While Supernaturals have the States by storm... extremists are still a worry, more so when Skye and Abby saw the world long before it became how it is now. History has a tendency to repeat.

RHY • PST • AIM/Skype • He/him/his pronouns
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