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Posted by: Chessa Lynn Jul 11 2016, 01:04 AM
all my life I've been good, but now, I'm thinking what the hell?
Laughing as she leaned into Marley's side, Chessa let the drummer and the shy guitarist lead her back to their tour bus. This felt so fucking surreal that she had to wonder whether this was just some really elaborate dream. If it was, she never wanted to wake up. Nuzzling at Mars's shoulder, she followed on up behind them as they trudged up into the bus. Her eyes widened as she looked around, wetting her lips as she tried to contain her excitement. It was pretty nice as far as she was concerned. Plenty of room. The only downside was the rather fresh sex smell she was picking up on.

"Thanks for dinner, guys. I appreciate it," she chuckled, arm slung around Marley's waist as she smiled at Riv, "Nice to get some proper food in my stomach. So where do we go from here? You guys heading out soon or are you here a few days? Just gotta know what to do in my car and all. I think I'm awake enough to drive if we head out tonight." She could probably score some coffee or five hour energy from a drug store nearby or something.

She was about to speak up again when she spotted the rather shirtless and unmistakable form of Sabriel Jourdain. Oh fuck. She'd wanted to avoid the flirty motherfucker if possible, but hey, being a roadie meant coming in contact with him. She just hadn't expected it to be so soon. Hell, he didn't even know who she was or why she was on the bus. Shit. "Oh, uh... hi there." She gave him a two finger salute, trying not to get flustered.

Posted by: Sabriel Jourdain Jul 11 2016, 01:59 PM
Oh. Well, this was new. Eyeing up the group as they wandered in, stretching out himself a bit on the makeshift couch, the bassist smirked as he sat up on one elbow, tilting his head. Quickly, he had a fast run down, but... why was this newbie hanging onto Marley like that? It was strange -- Marley did't like affection too much from outside sources. Hells, they'd smack most people for getting close, anyway. Moving to slowly get up, running a hand into his hair before offering his other to the newbie, he chuckled a bit. "Well hello to you, too."

River paused as he peeked at Marley, though the drummer mostly just shot their bassist a warning glare. "I, uh... well, we're hanging around a day, so..." Peeking at Sabbie, moving to step beside the other man, Riv hummed a bit. "Did you wanna meet Beau later? She's probably sleeping after getting fed earlier."

Oh, that snake. Sabriel held in a shudder, though his stomach tensed. Marley looked smug for a second, but the bassist peered at the three of them. "So, who're you?" Eyes landing on the newbie, he ignored the protective gaze from Marley, chuckling and shrugging it off. "Weren't you in the meet 'n greet?"

"I need to get some sleep, but you're welcome to curl in if you want to," Marley murmured after a moment into the girl's ear, "I got yer back, chica." Giving Chessa a side hug before stepping toward their bunk, stripping off their jacket and shirt, Marley went to crawl into the bunk, shoes kicked off last minute. River couldn't help but stare toward them a moment before clearing his throat and leaning against the nearby counter space.

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