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Meg Dawson


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Jul 2 2016, 01:28 AM

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Puttin' my defenses up
Cuz I don't wanna fall in love.
If I ever did that,
I think I'd have a heart attack.


<div class="name">Meg Motherfuckin' Dawson</div>
<div class="headinfo">23 Years Old</div>
<div class="headinfo">Hustler/Thief/Street Magician</div>
<div class="headinfo">Demi Lovato</div>
<div class="headinfo">Pansexual | Fuck You | Female</div>
<div class="headinfo">Witch</div>


<div class="main"><div class="text">

<div class="sub">What emotion best describes you?</div><p>
"Lemme see, I'll list them off for ya. Exasperated, pissed off, done with your shit, no fucks to give. Why you in my face?"
<div class="sub">What emotion do you evoke in others?</div><p>
"Hell if I know and fuck if I care. The only person you gotta care for is yourself, that's it. Who cares how other people feel about you? They're just walking wallets."
<div class="sub">What do you need most?</div><p>
"Money. It's what makes the world go 'round, honey. Without it, ya don't got jack shit."
<div class="sub">What is your goal in life?</div><p>
"To get to a place where I ain't living wallet to wallet. Maybe get some proper schooling at some point. Go clean. HA. Like that's ever gonna happen."
<div class="sub">How do you believe this goal can be accomplished?</div><p>
"Who the fuck knows? People like me, we ain't got goals except to see tomorrow. So I guess I got that accomplished for now."
<div class="sub">Where did you come from?</div><p>
"I was originally from Chicago, from what I've been told. I don't remember it. Mom brought me to New Orleans when I was 'bout three. Got tossed into the foster system by seven due to mom and the drugs. Anyway, Chicago, New Orleans, I don't give a damn."
<div class="sub">When did you grow up?</div><p>
"At probably when I was five and a half. That's when the apartment nearly burned cuz mom left the stove on and passed out from the high and I got paper towels too near the flame. Got lucky that the neighbor came to investigate the smoke alarm when it didn't stop screeching. Mom wouldn't wake up. Kinda thought she was dead. I knew then that she wasn't gonna look out for me. I had to be more careful. I fucking walked on eggshells after that until I was yanked out of there by CPS."
<div class="sub">What is your family like?</div><p>
"You're fuckin' <I>funny</I>. I ain't got family, not real family. Dad left before I was born, mom chose drugs over me. Every fucking foster home since was never home. Once I got close... But I got burned. That's when I ran and I become my own damn family."
<div class="sub">What values do you hold?</div><p>
"Independence. Gotta take care of yourself first and foremost."
<div class="sub">How do you dress?</div><p>
"Whatever I can scrounge up, really. Sometimes I get lucky and some hotshot loses a jacket or throws out a dress. Otherwise I get what I can from dumpsters or hand offs."
<div class="sub">What are your means?</div><p>
"I use a deck of cards and some actual magic to steal people's wallets. What kind of means do you think I have?"
<div class="sub">What are your personal tastes?</div><p>
"Having tastes is usually a death wish on the streets. Still, kinda like bright colors, things with flair. Shit like that. I also like the spicy, sometimes like the sweet."
<div class="sub">What are your opinions?</div><p>
"My opinion is that you're blockin' my sunlight. Shuffle the fuck along."
<div class="sub">What is your comfort zone?</div><p>
"I never really feel comfortable. The closest to a comfort zone I have is when I'm using my cards. They're a part of my being now. Integral to my survival in a way. I have to have a pack on me at all times. That ain't even including my special deck."
<div class="sub">Who has had the biggest impact on your life?</div><p>
"His name was Joel. He screwed me over and gave me life all at once. He was the one who taught me magic - not the actual stuff that pumps through my veins, but illusions. Card tricks, slight of hand. Little did I know that would be what I used to survive. He was also the one who broke my heart. He promised... He promised that his family would adopt me and I believed him. I thought they were different, but they were just like all the rest. Threw me out like yesterday's goddamn trash. I hit the streets soon after. No fucking way I was going through that again."
<div class="sub">What are some of your unexpected quirks?</div><p>
"... I'm extremely ticklish. You tell anyone and I'm gonna gut you like a fish."

<div class="footbar">

<div class="foottext">kida • pst • pm me • she/they/he</div>

</div><a href="">* * *</a>
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