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 That Would Be Enough, Tag: Zeb
Khayrat McCoy
 Posted: Jun 2 2016, 04:41 PM

notes [Empty] tag: @Zebastien McCoy
Stay alive,
that would be enough...
Sleep didn't come easy, not when he spent the past few nights wide-awake, buzzed up on coffee and whiskey (and coffee liquor), and struggling to get this fucking useless part to come off this dismantled piece of equipment no longer looking like an engine. Growling to himself as he scrubbed at his eyes with the soft towel in his grasp as he stepped from the shower, the raven-haired demon didn't offer himself a passing glance in the mirror. Khayrat knew better. Shivering from the cold water that still dripped from his lithe frame, moving to get dressed and hide away his bare skin, baby blues glanced at the time on his phone before he tucked in his shirt and grabbed a jacket, heading down to his partner's shop.

Coming into that place a mess would earn him way too much shit, and he didn't want to risk messing up again. Rocky was one good way to put them, but he loved his oddball designer, no matter how odd or silly something seemed to his mentality, because while Zeb was amazing in their own respects, Virgil was almost painfully obsessive-compulsive, he needed to keep himself distracted, busy... moving. And with a slow morning came a chance to spend some time with his lover of... Fuck. So many years now.

Spying his lover with a softening glance once the door was shut behind him, it didn't take long for the demon's grasp on the bag in his hand to ease, almost dropping it. Shit. Shaking his head and stepping over with a quiet hum, the demon softly brushed two fingers over the small of his lover's back before he offered a smile to the sleeping warlock, setting the bag and coffees down on a cleared spot on the work desk. Taking a moment to graze his eyes over the older man, Khay smiled warmly before he stroked two careful fingers down the man's spine. "Morning," he murmured softly to pull the man from the most likely fitful dreams, "Sorry I took so long. Ya shouldn't be sleepin' all hunched over, you'll put yer back out again... And I brought beignets."

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