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Sometimes I wonder if I'm only a ghost, wearing human skin I never chose... I listen to the devil as he spoke, because he tempted me with a beautiful rose.


<div class="name">Caspian Morgan-McCoy</div>
<div class="headinfo">Looks 26, real age unspoken</div>
<div class="headinfo">Nurse/Mixologist</div>
<div class="headinfo">Gerard Way</div>
<div class="headinfo">Empathic Warlock</div>
<div class="headinfo">Tillysexual - Stealth Transman</div>


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<div class="sub">Salute!</div>
Elder brother to Dodger Salvatore, warlock of the Ravenwood family, and a great listener to the poor sods of the world who don't have anyone else to listen to them, Caspian is a man of few words, but many fandoms. He has learned a technique to change his gender at will (for cons and fan gatherings mostly), but prefers staying male. Shy but refined, he's very willing to go after what he desires. Empathic mixologist, he's your casual 'kill 'em with kindness' barkeep with a smile and thick British accent to smooth out whatever he can before he has to really step in. Magickal by birth, he is human by choice.
<div class="sub">Enjoy Your Stay...</div>
Quiet, but aware of his own strengths, this is one warlock who's mastered quite a few talents already in his young age, and while he doesn't talk about his past, he clings to the people he connects to. Originally in the process of transitioning to male from his designated female-at-birth status (until he learned the skills in order to change his gender well enough without that), he's been known to slide to female... but normally only if he's going to a large con as a female character. The pronoun is male, however, unless he tells you otherwise. He married to Matilda Morgan some time back, but they often end up with others... and Cas has a major kink for watching someone fuck his two-spirit lover. Cas wears a black onyx ring with Doctor Who's TARDIS engraved in azure blue into the ring. It is also a channeler for his healing magick, allowing him to only need to use one hand instead of both. When magick flows through it, it often will glow up the TARDIS' image green or bright blue.
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