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So what if I can't forget you?<p>
I'll burn your name into my throat, I'll be the fire that'll catch you...


<div class="name">Daybreak Of The Seelie Court</div>
<div class="headinfo">363 years, looks young twenties.</div>
<div class="headinfo">Seelie Bodyguard/Ambassador-turned-wanderer.</div>
<div class="headinfo">Mitch Hewer</div>
<div class="headinfo">Seelie Fae</div>
<div class="headinfo">Agender - biological male - Omniromantic/Omnisexual.</div>


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<div class="sub">Backstory and Personality!</div>
Born into the Seelie Court many years ago, Day was a child they weren't sure what to do with. Young, wide-eyed, and happy as could be despite their small stature (only hitting five-two in height, even after nearly thirty years), Day was the odd one that most of the others didn't know how to handle at times. Day was smart, never showed a fleck of anger, and tended to bury their nose in books from the human realm at any possible chance. Day's somewhat confused parents weren't sure how to take the young one's understanding and desire to be among humans (they slipped away more times than their parents could possible recount), in an attempt to do some good between the courts, the young Day was given over as ambassador. <p>
If nothing else, Day was a wonderful soul who was rather diplomatic, calm, and of sane mind, although adventurous and curious. Soft spoken, but trained once they were sent over to protect their heiress charge, Day took to combat easier than they'd thought, because the young one (young as they were at a mere forty-two at the time) had lost their family's support briefly before being sent away. Coming out as 'gay' at the time wasn't... supported, but being labelled as a male most of their lives wasn't fun, either. It just never settled right. But alas, Day sucked it up and grew to be friends with the heiress who was their charge, and it was going to be a long, rough road. <p>
Nobody told Day that they were going to be protecting someone who didn't want protection. Of course, it was why Day was the one thrown into the area. They were political, soft spoken, mother-hen-ish, and often, very sweet toward anyone, no mater their crimes or issues. Thus, the young fae was caught in between trying to keep the heiress safe, and protecting the honour of their parents. While Day was to keep an eye out for their charge at all times, she made it a constant pass time to slip away. It began as a game, but over many years, it was more than that. She'd slip away for a week, a month, and longer, always testing, always wanting to lose them. It was honest play at times, but even as they aged, it was almost impossible to incite their rage. But each time Day found her, they'd fuss, preen, and hug her close, relieved more so than angry.
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<div class="foottext">RHY • PST • AIM/SKYPE • HE/HIM/HIS PRONOUNS</div>

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