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May 30 2016, 10:13 PM

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I've seen them countless times, and each time growing weaker inside. It's not their fault they've died, but the fault of the ones who left them behind.


<div class="name">Dodger A. Salvatore-McCoy</div>
<div class="headinfo">Looks 22, real age unspoken</div>
<div class="headinfo">Thief/Full-Time Protector</div>
<div class="headinfo">Lucky Blue Smith</div>
<div class="headinfo">Thermokinetic Warlock</div>
<div class="headinfo">Polysexual, demiromantic - Transman</div>


<div class="main"><div class="text">

<div class="sub">Backstory and Personality!</div>
A little devil with good intentions, mostly, this here is Dodger. His name was self-chosen years ago, but he's one little crafty bastard. While a designated female at birth, Dodger grew into the young man before you now. Taking in his Strays from the streets, helping them onto their feet and getting back out there, he's not exactly the sweetest person, and... he's kind of blunt, but Dodge is protective and will do anything to keep the City Strays out of danger. Dodge doesn't like anyone fucking with those he takes into his gang of thieves and runaways. And he'll be damned before he lets something happen to them. <p>
Dodge takes testosterone on the daily, but he doesn't let on to the factor he was born with female reproductive organs, often wielding heat with a pack-n-play under his jeans if he's going into public to relax, but he goes shirtless at times now, eternally thankful for the top surgery. Scraggly and more often than not a quiet thing, he's a careful, loving little guy toward only a few people, and respectful to familiars. Tide is his own personal guide, a tabby cat who perches himself on Dodge's shoulder at any and all times, happy to just watch out for his charge. After losing Dodge in the past, Tide's not willing to back down and let his little runt get caught up in anything dangerous again. (And no, sorry, Tide will not be a want ad.)

<div class="sub">Habits/Hobbies/Addictions!</div>
He tends to like boxing in his free time as a way to keep in top form, and while it's true, that on his down time he wants to pretty much just cause hell for others, he's not a cruel person. He just wants to be sure that people understand where they are with him (dominance issues for the win!). His Strays aren't to see him as anything but Dodger, their leader and the enforcer of anything and everything. <p>
Nothing gets past this young man normally, and he's very sharp. Scare tactics aren't out of the picture if Dodge feels them needed, either. If you listen close to Dodger's accent and pick away at it some, you can tell he has a strange blend of the Bronx and British English, seeming to meld at times, and others, one will overtake the other... and in rare moments of anger, Dodge will lose the accent entirely, suggesting it was picked up later in life and not learned as a babe from his mother.
<div class="sub">Shipping!</div>
In sexual situations, this thief leader can grow shy and unsure; while he doesn't bring it up, Dodge has been through a few painful scenarios, and doesn't like the idea of being triggered harshly. He'll allow some things, but if someone tries to make use of his natural equipment, prepare to have him turn entirely. He's protective of himself that way, and for his own personal reasons. Unsure of himself sexually as it is, he doesn't like the idea of someone using him if he doesn't feel safe with the person of interest. A rather charming and gentle person, Dodge has a hell of a temper, but it's almost always hidden. His eyes never stay one colour for long, and only on a good day will they rest on a single shade, and he loves to keep them on neon pink. <p>

Dodger hates pain if it's not sexual, and with his Strays, there's possibly times he's broken down and messed with them. But he's not really a sexual being. Unless he's riled up heavily, there not much chance you're going to get this guy to unwind enough to shag. Often mistaken for being a cold person, Dodge is so very far from that. He needs to protect his family, and he will, no matter who decides to come into the scene.
<div class="sub">Limits!</div>
Non-con is a no-fly zone here. Don't bring in Dodger's Dead Name, either (not that it's well-known by any means).

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<div class="foottext">RHY • PST • AIM/SKYPE • HE/HIM/HIS PRONOUNS</div>

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